6 Reasons why Perfect Skating is right for you NOW!

by Perfect Skating April 10, 2018


As an athlete or in your work life are you in a period of growth?  It’s funny how motivation and inspiration ride through peaks and valleys. Whether you’ve got your mojo now and are looking to grow performance fundamentals or you’re lacking a little bit of gusto and are looking for that coach to push you up to find your best, PS delivers. Our soul and identity was born in the concept of growth.

2. FUN

Yeah baby! We put this second because we believe in two types of FUN.  One is the fun and experience created by recreation and camaraderie. We like this type of fun, it’s lighthearted and the pressure is low. The other type of FUN is created by gaining something or improving on something. This type of fun comes from the endorphins that get released when we’ve accomplished a goal, achieved success or improved our endeavour. At PS we balance both, but experiencing the second type of FUN is what we really want for our athletes. It keeps them improving at hockey, but it’s also a lesson that reaches far beyond the arena walls. We call it our purpose; Our speciality.


Do you have a mentor?  In this day and age, they are not easy to find.  Someone who can listen and understand your challenges, share, connect and be intimate to find solutions to your pain points both on and off the ice. PS coaches turn into the lifelong friends of their athletes. Our athletes get excited each week to tell us how they took something we had worked on and nailed it in the game! Heck, one of our team members was asked to stand in a wedding of an athlete’s parent because of the bond they built after many years of working with their son. Let’s CONNECT, at PS we love to.


Sharing is important. Being part of something exciting, connecting, and growing is FUN!  At PS, we’ve been blessed to attract great athletes, great parent groups and awesome franchisees who are not only looking for self-growth, but are excited to contribute to the TEAM, the community. Our founder started this company as Shawn Allard Perfect Skating and through the power of our community it become Perfect Skating. All because of YOU! Welcome to the PS Family!


Life isn’t easy. But we still need to be gracious. It has become a lost word, a lost virtue.  At PS, we are thankful for all of you. Those who have been the perfect parents, the perfect athletes and the perfect franchisees right down to those who have challenged our programming and policies. We’ve learnt from all of you and we thank you for the opportunity to serve you. It’s always a pleasure, we are truly gracious.


We all want to be part of a winning team. A team with a track record, a reputation of success.  We call it the result of doing things right. From each athlete’s performance gains to each conversation with parents to each franchisee we’re leading, it’s all about them, 100%. The result… a passionate community of gracious, connected, lively individuals who are seeking athletic and life success. We are developing the leaders of the next generation! And boy! That’s something to hop on the ice for… even if it’s at 6:30am.

Perfect Skating
Perfect Skating


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