Spring 10 Week SAM Program
Spring 10 Week SAM Program Spring 10 Week SAM Program Spring 10 Week SAM Program Spring 10 Week SAM Program

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MONDAYS ~ Jim Durrell 7:30am

TUESDAYS ~ Bell Sensplex 4:00pm 

WEDNESDAYS ~ Bell Sensplex 7:30am

THURSDAYS~ Ray Friel 7:30am

Sessions commence the week of Apr 24/ 2017. Check individual programs for exact start dates!  


Spring "Small Area Movement" Program - Skating & Skill Development

While our Perfect Skating Program focuses on joint mobility, muscle activation, posture, balance point and efficiency, our Small Area Movement Program addresses the needs of players in the tighter areas of the game. Quickness and small area movement execution are the focus and athletes will find themselves challenged in a wide range of position specificity. From tight turns, to pivots to activate offensively, players will improve their quickness and execution of all Small Area Movements and Position Specific Skills dictating their offensive and defensive play. This Fall Program runs 1 hour per week for 10 weeks. Completion of our Perfect Skating Program prior to this Small Area Movement Program is an asset.

As you have come to expect, each program is limited to a maximum of 4 athletes in 4-1 coaching ratio!


Registration accompanied by payment confirmation will secure an athletes participation in a Perfect Skating Program. Venue and/or time may be subject to change.

Make-up session policy

Perfect Skating entrusts athletes to commit to attending their registered sessions. In the event that an unforeseen circumstance arises such as illness or family emergency, it is the responsibility of the athlete to contact Perfect Skating in order to arrange a possible make-up session. Please understand that make-up sessions are not guaranteed and may be offered at a different venue and time. As in the past, we will endeavour to find suitable arrangements that accommodate both the athlete and Perfect Skating however if the missed session falls in the last week of a 10 week Program no make-up sessions may be available.

No refunds or credits are available in exchange for make-up sessions.

Refund policy PRIOR to start of Program

In the event a Player is unable to attend a Program, it is the responsibility of the Athlete to issue written notice to Perfect Skating along with a Doctor's note PRIOR TO THE START OF THE PROGRAM.  He/she will receive a Credit for their full amount paid less a $25 administration fee.  Credit may be used for any Program within one (1) full calendar year and is non-transferable.





Small Area Movement

Spring 10 Week SAM Program

(4 to 1) Semi Private

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