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-Stand alone, detailed, On-Ice Movement sessions throughout the year

-Hour Long Sessions are specific to an On-Ice Movement Theme to Ensure Progression

-Certified, Energetic PS Coaches

-Maximum Quality Repetition and Positive Feedback

-6-1 Player to Coach Ratio 

-A Great introduction to the PS Family

-Try the Method used by +200 NHL players

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$50 + HST per athlete (Max of 6 athletes accepted)

Thursday Feb 13th - RF 7:30am - Forward Specific Skills for Creating Offence 

Thursday Feb 20th - RF 7:30am Defence Specific Movement, Timing, and Skills

Thursday Feb 27th - RF 7:30am - Shooting and Passing Skills, Shooting Deception

Thursday March 5th - RF 7:30am - Battles/Body Position Clinic 

Thursday March 12th - RF 7:30am - 200ft Skating, Linear Front Stride & Linear Crossovers 

Thursday March 26th - RF 7:30am 3 Step Quickness: Explosive Stops and Starts 

Thursday April 2nd - RF 7:30amBackward Mobility, Backward Crossovers and Pivots

Thursday April 9th - RF 7:30am Transitions and Mobility 

Thursday April 16th - RF 7:30am- Shaves: Deceleration/Acceleration


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