Perfect Skating Program - Fall 2018

Perfect Skating

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-Weekly Detailed PS On-Ice Movement Sessions

-10 Week Format 

-Complete On-Ice Movement Asymmetry Analysis

-Complete On-Ice Movement Corrective Program with Progression Tracking

-Certified, Energetic PS Coaches

-Maximum Quality Repetition and Positive Feedback

-4-1 Player to Coach Ratio, Maximum 12 Players on the Ice

-Wear the Gear!  Free PS Jersey and Socks

-Use the Method like our +200 NHL players

**Sessions commence the week of September 10th on their respective days


MONDAYS ~      Carleton University 7:30am 

                           Ray Friel 4:00pm

                           "NEW" Minto Barrhaven 3:15pm 

TUESDAYS ~     Minto Barrhaven 6:15am  

                            Bell Sensplex 4:15pm

WEDNESDAYS ~ Kanata Rec Complex 7:30am 

                              Richcraft Sensplex 4:15pm  

THURSDAYS ~    Ray Friel 7:30am, 

                             "NEW" Richcraft Sensplex 6:30am

                             Carleton University 4:00pm


$625 + HST

 If you have any questions about our Perfect Skating Program please don't hesitate to reach out at 613.470.0707, we would love to talk to you!

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