Specialty Programs

Our PS Specialty Programs consist of niche stand-alone programs that are offered at various times throughout the year.  From Pre-Tryout, to Christmas Break/March Break, to our patented purpose driven Movement and Skill Programs, Perfect Skating’s Specialty Programs have every facet of your athlete’s performance development on track!


Movement and Skill Programs:  Our PS Movement and Skill Programs are individual scheduled sessions that focus on a series of movement patterns and skills without having to make a commitment to a PS weekly or yearly program.  Perfect for athletes looking to get familiar with our culture, energy, passion and method, our Movement and Skill Programs are a perfect way to get started and welcomed into the PS family!

Pre-Tryout Programs:  Our PS Pre-Tryout programs have been developed based on our work with NHL organizations maximizing athlete preparedness heading into the season.  From movement patterns and skill sequences to 200 Ft drills and scrimmages getting athletes up and down the ice, the PS Pre-Tryout Program will get your athlete battle ready to dominate their tryout!

Pre-Season Programs:  Identical in content to our Pre-Tryout Program our Pre-Season Programs is the program of choice to gear up, get ready and kickstart your upcoming season!

Christmas Break/March Break Programs:  Our Christmas Break/March Break programs offer athletes the opportunity to work on their game in specific blocks during their school holiday periods. Combining a mixture of PS, SAM and In-Game Transfer, these specialty programs are a great way to get in some extra work and get a jump on your game! 

PA Day Programs: Identical to our March Break/Christmas Break Programs over one day, this specialty program is part of the little “extras” that all great players do!

Launch Programs: Our happiest days of the year! A launch program means the PS family is growing so we can help, serve and teach our methodology to more athletes around the world!  Always combining a mixture of our PS and SAM programs, these launch sessions are a great way to get in some extra work, tryout our programs and meet our new Franchisee and their TEAM who are excited to serve in your community!

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