Perfect Skating Program - More Info

The Perfect Skating Program is really what made us famous!  It was our first program piloted by key players of the Ottawa Senators and French Olympic Ice Hockey Federation in 2008. The program has stood the test of time and is in continuous improvement through our strategic partnership with the University of Ottawa's Kinesiology Department, collaboration with R and D teams of top Hockey Manufacturers in addition to the over 200 current NHL player partnerships that provide true organic feedback while training on the ice during the season and off-season.  

Designed to focus on joint mobility, stability and activation of key on-ice movement targets of the musculoskeletal system, the Perfect Skating Program is a series of Isometric platforms designed to enhance kinetic on-ice feel while discovering asymmetries in movement performance.  Complexity is then added with increased nervous system feedback while focusing on movement pattern mapping, proprioceptive control and the development of speed, agility and quickness.  

The Perfect Skating Program is a yearly must for elite level athletes that are looking to produce quality on-ice movement.  It is the program of choice for foundational joint functionality, muscle activation, micro limb mapping and proprioceptive reception, it truly is the building block of all on-ice movement.

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