Our History

2007-2008: Shawn created the first version of our PS Program while coaching in Epinal, France in the French Elite League.  He noticed an inability for long standing Pro’s to control low tempo Movement.  He was perplexed and began his journey of understanding general Movement and how its principles affect Hockey athletes.  He spent those 2 years on a daily basis, identifying asymmetries in sequence and by trial and error designed correctives to increase their performance.  An artist was born.


2008: In the summer of 2008, he piloted the first version of the method with the French Olympic Hockey Federation with great success.  He decided it was time to try the method with the best player’s in the world.  Mike Fisher was Shawn’s first ever NHL “Ginny Pig” and he absolutely loved it, “I feel better on my feet” said Fisher.  With this renewed confidence it was time to begin sharing the method with athletes in Ottawa, On, Canada, where Shawn and his family decided to settle.


2009: Shawn continued piloting the system with NHL players but was in constant refinement of the program.  Certain correctives worked with a type of asymmetry and body but others did not, he continued to re-work the method with a passion to ensure its transferability to athletes and coaches.


2010: In March of 2010, PS was officially born.  We incorporated the company and started our first kickoff program in Kanata in Aug of 2010.  With Shawn leading the way, those first 48 kids were the start of something special.  A brand was born. Shawn also received his first contract in the NHL with the Columbus Blue Jackets; Scott Arniel gave Shawn a chance and is forever grateful.


2011: Really marked the era of our PS Program offered in Small Group Format.  It revolutionized the industry with the exceptional delivery of our method along with the opportunity to give constant positive, detailed feedback in our Small Group Setting.  The company grew astronomically and while working with NHL players in Nashville caught the eye of Nashville Head Coach Barry Trotz and they offered Shawn a position on their staff as their Skating and Skills Coach.


2012: Was an exciting year. With momentum on our side, we decided it was time to validate our method with science and became the first ever organization in the development of Hockey Athletes to purchase our own proprietary 3D Motion Capture System and with the help of the University of Ottawa’s School of Kinesiology, began an in depth study to perfect our method. Later in the year we launched our 2nd research driven program in Partnership with the Nashville Predators called Small Area Movement, a program that focuses on Movement Pattern Execution within confined area or space; it was met with instant success and was a great compliment to our PS Program.


2013: Always searching for better ways to improve our athletes, we kept on teaching, learning and growing our ability to deliver messaging to improve our athletes.  We also kept aggressively pushing the frontier of R and D and revising and improving the PS and SAM programs. 


2014: After much demand from our athletes we launched our Elite Player Development Program modeled after Shawn’s work with players of the Nashville Predators.  The Program was met with instant success and really gave our client base a wide array of choices to perfect their development. Going back to our R and D roots we also piloted a project within the analytics community to track Movement Patterns specific to position and in 2015 we officially launched our SAM program specific for Forwards and Defencemen. We also excitedly promoted our first ever coach to implant into a new market, after spending time as a coach at PS HQ in Ottawa, On, Canada, a young Nathaniel Marx embarked on his journey to share the PS Methodology in his home area of the West Island of Montreal.  The expansion was met with instant success and today Nathaniel is regarded as the most respected On-Ice Movement Coach in Montreal.


2015: In addition to launching our SAM Program Specific to Forwards and Defencemen, Shawn decided to move away from a staff position with the Nashville Predators and become a consultant.  With the Nashville Predators still a very important contract and relationship to Shawn, the abundance of NHL players requesting his services needed time and we officially launched our Professional Services Division, where Shawn leads and spends most of his time.  While always in constant refinement of our On-Ice Programs, teaching and Research, 2015 was also a year that we began revising and perfecting our operations with a vision of Franchising. 


2016: Our professional services division exploded and has now worked with +200 NHL clients, multiple NHL teams and Olympic Federations.  Our Ottawa and Montreal locations continue to lead the way and we we’re excited to promote Kyle Allard as a pilot Franchisee in the Ottawa Valley.  The response was amazing and we now had the confidence to continue perfecting our method, our communication and our operations to provide a business opportunity for special coaches around the world who would love to make a difference to athletes in their communities.


2017:  What a year!  PS Franchising became official with our 5 Ottawa corporate locations Montreal West, Montreal Centre and the Ottawa Valley.  We also streamlined our programming, added new locations in key markets and bolstered our R and D initiatives.


2018:  We got off to a great start and the momentum just keeps on rolling!  Two former NHLers bought units in the Czech Republic, we’ve opened our first location in California as well as Clarington and Oshawa.  Montreal and the Ottawa Valley are on fire and our Ottawa locations continue to grow as does our NHL Services Division.  We’ve also ramped up our R and D initiatives and added a 2nd revision to the PS training manual.  We also moved into our new corporate headquarters in Ottawa and Shawn has signed as a full time assistant coach in charge of performance development with the Colorado Avalanche.  The time for PS has come and we are going to continue getting better!  Thank you everyone for all your continued support!