noun: flow; plural noun: flows
1. the action or fact of moving along in a steady, continuous stream.

The best skater's move the best.  Whether it's their Movement Efficiency, Movement Speed, Movement Agility or Movement Timing, the best on-ice movers re-program faulty Movement Patterns to increase performance.  The hockey world has forgot to move, our patented Movement Methodology restores asymmetrical patterns and allows athletes to FLOW.

JM + JS + WBA + COM/BOS + Layer Complexity = FEEL


JM: Joint Mobility. Muscle Pliability to Increase ROM and Elasticity.
JS: Joint Stability. Muscle Activation to Posture Up.
WBA: Whole Body Alignment: Interoception to Maintain Posture.
COM/BOS: Center of Mass over Base of Support. Get Over Top to Increase Movement Power, Speed and Agility.
Layer Complexity: The Additional layers of Iso Platforms, Proprioception, Movement Patterns, Timing, Stick Skills and In Game Transfer.
Feel: The ability to feel your body from within and control external environments to achieve the performance state of FLOW.