Leadership Team

Our Leadership Team is the heartbeat of the Perfect Skating Culture. Their love to give and to make a difference is truly inspiring.  Through “Movement” in the game of Hockey they are building hope, courage and confidence in future generations and developing their athletes into the leaders of tomorrow. 


Shawn Allard is a former professional hockey player and is blessed to be the world’s most sought after Movement and Performance Coach for NHL athletes. He is the Creator of Perfect Skating TM, an On-Ice Movement and Skill Methodology for Hockey players and the Perfect Skating Franchise System TM, which inspires passionate coaches around the world to help hockey athletes learn kinetic feedback of their on-ice movement and develop personal methodologies to increase performance.



Kyle Nishizaki is the Manager for our two corporate Ottawa locations and is one of the top On-Ice Movement and Performance Coaches in the World.  A former Captain of the University of Windsor Hockey Team, Kyle holds a Master Degree in Human Kinetics from the University of Windsor and reaches his athletes through a connective and detailed approach to performance. 

 “Kyle is truly what the PS Coaching Opportunity is all about.  He has this insatiable desire to stretch, to work and to get better everyday.  Over the last 4 years he has turned into one of the world’s top development coaches, his likeable, fun personality connect with athletes and his ability to identify asymmetry production is truly Elite.” - Shawn Allard


Jake Choiniere is the Lead Instructor of our Ottawa corporate locations and is considered one of the top young development coaches in the world.  A graduate of the University of Ottawa’s school of Kinesiology, Jake is a fun, energetic coach that athletes say is “Awesome”!  Always trying to up his game, he truly is a passionate studier and practioner of On-Ice Movement.

 “Jakes' always is smiling.  He’s always having Fun and he loves helping young players get better.  His detail in second to none and he is always uncovering new modalities of movement that can transfer onto the ice.  Athletes absolutely love him, he is quickly becoming the most sought after young On-Ice Movement and Performance Coach in the world.” - Shawn Allard


Gabby Kosziwka is the R and D Lead at PS Headquarters and serves as a Certified Coach in our two corporate Ottawa Locations.  A graduate of the University of Ottawa, Gabby holds a Master’s Degree in Human Kinetics.  She is the liaison to all research initiatives with partnering Universities, Hockey and Movement Analysis Manufacturers and Analytics organizations. 

“Gabby is a positive, fun, detailed coach who truly loves to connect methods to context.  A great researcher with an ability to navigate complex 3D Motion Capture Shots outside of a lab environment, she is one of the world’s most innovative minds in the collection of absolute data and has the organization and creativity to systemize models of performance.” - Shawn Allard


Andrew is PS’ Creative Director and is the behind the scenes think-tank for video content, social media management and marketing campaigns. A graduate of Carleton Universities Interactive Multi-Media and Design Program in partnership with Algonquin College, Andrew built a successful Video Production Company, Stuffed Motion, before giving into his passion of capturing On-Ice Movements that can connect with a digital audience.

“A Creative Director who can stay on Victor Arvidsson’s tail down the ice? That’s Andrew Robillard.  Fly a Drone at 14,000 Ft and let it float through the clouds 2KM away and bring it back so it captures a great shot?  That’s Andrew Robillard.  This guy can do it all when it comes to creating and shooting digital media, we can’t wait to see what he creates next!” - Shawn Allard