Elite Player Program


In the summer of 2012, after much feedback from repeat athletes in various locations of our Perfect Skating Programs in Ottawa, we set out to develop the most complete and progressive Complete Player Development program to once again push the industry into more professional mediums of movement, skill and in game transferability.  The program was met with instant success starting with an athletes detailed assessment of in-game movement, skill, hockey IQ and persona potential.


Through the mediums of asymmetry and persona potential a detailed and progressive program specific to the athlete is generated and trained 1 per week throughout the athletes season.  In 2014, we developed in-game scouting and personal video feedback as extra resources of development for our athletes, all while maintaining detailed profile reporting and communication with athletes and their families.  The Complete Player Development Program is for the Elite level athlete who WINS in all areas of life and is committed to the process of growth in his/her game, to perform with detail and to stretch into reaching their max potential.