We run programming out of the Richcraft Sensplex year around, including summer programs! As one of our faster growing locations we continue to add more dates and times to help all of our Gloucester end athletes reach the next level. You can see the full list of programming through the link below. 



Lead Instructor

Jake Choiniere is the Lead Instructor of our Cumberland, Gloucester, and Ottawa Centre corporate locations and acts as a R&D liaison to our university research partnerships. A graduate of the University of Ottawa’s school of Kinesiology, Jake is a fun, energetic coach that athletes say is “Awesome”! Always trying to up his game, he truly is a passionate studier and practitioner of On-Ice Movement. Check our Kyle in action in the video below!

“Jakes' always smiling. He’s always having Fun and he loves helping young players get better. His detail in second to none and he is always uncovering new modalities of movement that can transfer onto the ice. Athletes absolutely love him, he is quickly becoming the most sought after young On-Ice Movement and Performance Coach in the world.”

- Shawn Allard