The PS Franchise Opportunity

by Perfect Skating April 30, 2019

Why the PS Franchise Opportunity is the best thing in Hockey now!

Hockey.  Pure Passion, pure love.  We learn to walk on the outdoor rinks, drinking some of that frosty slush as we fall only to get back up again and again and again.  Then it happens.  We start to glide.  Push by push we figure out how to shift our weight and we start to skate.  It follows with some acquired skill then some game play, then playing on a team, making all of those close friends that you still think of and connect with to this day.  Maybe you were able to move to some form of Jr. hockey, college, maybe even some pro but at some point, we all end up in the same place.  Hanging out with a bunch of buddies playing for fun in some sort of adult league that makes us smile just like we did when we first started.  A passion that never ends.

PS Customer Appreciation Night 2018

I meet people all over the world that share a passion for the game.  It’s like an old “cult” movie classic, like Top Gun or The Goonies, people are still buying t-shirts with “Maverick” on the back.  It’s amazing how attached we are to our passions.  It’s actually amazingly inspiring.

When we we’re first building Perfect Skating, I recognized that I had a passion for 3 things. 

1) Teaching on-ice movement and skill in the game of hockey

2) Inspiring and serving young players to reach their maximum on-ice and in life performance

3) A vision to help others that had a similar passion for the game and turn it into a business opportunity.  I mean how cool is that?  Doing something you love, helping athletes be the best they can be and make a living doing it?  Sign me up.

I’ve always had a flair for entrepreneurship.  The cool thing is that while generating income is important, our motivation for all things in life, the stuff that really gets us going is helping others reach their dreams.  My wife and I have worked incredibly hard and been incredibly blessed. We’ve built a successful system.  This is our way to give back. 

Martin Erat brought a team of coaches from the Czech Republic to learn the PS Method

After we had built our 5 Ottawa locations and requests started coming in from teams, associations, private clients, etc... all over the world to work with me, we recognized that I was just one man.  We believed that through our years of research, trial and error in the field and working with most of the world’s best players that we had something, a secret sauce that could help young athletes from Canada to China to the Czech Republic.  But we couldn’t do it alone.  After all we had an HQ team, but I was one man.  In order to change and serve the world, we needed partners, we needed passionate coaches that wanted to share the method.  We needed people like you.

Training Jason Beckett in preparation for his new franchise in Kelowna, BC

So, the mission continues.  A world mission of hope.  Hope in the excitement of on-ice performance and hope in the service of life.  To help lead a future generation of athletes but more importantly to help them through our training and relationships with our coaches to develop into good teammates, friends, leaders, sons and daughters and to carry those values down the road to impact their own families.  A lineage of goodness.  Smiles.  Happiness.  Love.  Joy.  All through training specific protocols in the best game in the world.  The great game of hockey.

Kyle Allard opens his second and third PS franchises in Clarington and Oshawa

If you’ve ever wanted to do something big to serve the game, we’d love to hear from you.  If you’ve ever wanted to do something big to serve and give back to your community, we’d love to hear from you.  We’ve been blessed to build an anatomical method of movement and skill that helps athletes grow while perfecting all of the operations, marketing and financial systems needed to be a successful business.  And it works.

Nathaniel Marx, owner of PS Montreal-West putting Daniel Sprong through the PS Method

The best news?  We’re just getting started.  With 15 Franchises opened in our first few months, the Perfect Skating business opportunity is the best thing in hockey now.  Reach out and let us know how you want to impact your community.  Dreams like that get us excited.  Give it a shot, the skate might fit and you could be the next great on-ice movement and skill coach servicing your community that we welcome into the ever-growing PS family!

If you'd like to learn more, you can fill out the form below to get our short info pack and we'll be in touch!

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